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About the Activity

Enjoy an hour of dune buggies with automatic high powered 400cc 4 wheel drive dune buggies.

With a private area for children this will be sure to be an excellent sporting event.

You also have the option to upgrade to two seater buggy or even a high powered 700cc manual dune motor-buggy.

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AED 180
Ras al-Khaimah
Adult: 180 AED / Child: 50 AED
Total: AED
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Customer Reviews

"This terrain is the best from all that I've done in the past. Be sure to ensure that steering is a little stiff and not flimsy. They don't bother with maintenance too much so if you're not satisfied with the buggy then you must ask them to give you a better one. Other than that the staff is great and fun fun fun"
"We went quad biking in RAK when we visited in December. We had an absolutely brilliant time. Great great place, highly recommended and the staff were friendly and amazing. "