Microlight Flight above RAK Unavailable

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Come and fly with us.

Take to the skies with one of our Certified Tandem Instructors on a Tandem Paramotor Flight today! This remarkable aircraft allows us to launch from virtually any field, open area or beach and climb to dizzying heights for incredible views! If you are able to run for a short distance, then you are fit enough for a Tandem Paramotor (Microlight) Flight. We'll meet at one of our launch areas, and after a short briefing and setup, we will step into the sky using a modern paraglider specially made for carrying two persons. Powered by a backpack Paramotor, we can climb from flat ground to a thousand feet or more, or simply skim along the ground enjoying the sensation of flight. You simply sit back and enjoy the ride once we are launched.


Ras al-Khaimah

Microlight Flight above RAK

Sorry, this activity is currently unavailable

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